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What are Superstars, anyway?

Superstars are beads that exist and are ready to go, and are sold on the Superstars page on my website. The selections are sold on a first come/first served basis. Sales happen on Thursday evenings at 8PM Central Time, and when I can swing it, there will a 30 minute preview beginning at 7:30pm. I will send two notifications - one earlier in the week, and then another a few hours before the sale on Thursday.


I will not share, sell or otherwise abuse your information. Your information will only be used for Superstars sale notifications or other updates pertaining to Superstars. All mailings are BCC'd for your privacy.


Email me at z-beads at sbcglobal dot net and ask to be added. If you've subscribed and haven't received any notifications, drop me an email and I'll try to help.