Please read this page before placing your order!

(updated 7/28/17)

Hey! In case you didn't know, there are 3 ways to buy my beads!

1. My blog. For now, that's where you can find my semi-weekly specials. If you subscribe to my blog you'll know when I list new beads for sale.

2. Superstars. When these sales happen, it's on Thursdays at 8pm - mailing list subscribers will be notified some days in advance, and once again on the day of the sale. Click here to read about the Superstars mailing list.

3. Made to order. This link takes you to the page you are on now. Make your selections from my Gallery.

Be sure to visit my BLOG for updates and general chit-chat.


PRICING: I do not offer wholesale pricing, and I do not have a price list. Please email me (z-beads at sbcglobal dot net) with your request(s), and I will reply with the pricing. Don't be shy! If you're interested in a price quote for 10 sets, and then 10 more, send it on. It will help to include a link to your requests in your email, or at least let me know the page in whichever gallery you found it in. 

COMPLETION TIME: If you have placed an order, I will check in with you before I start on it to be sure you are still interested. If you are no longer interested or need to postpone your order, just let me know - it's not a problem!

Orders From The Gallery:
There is no minimum order. You are welcome to order a few individual beads from multiple sets, or from one particular set. Many of the Etsy and Superstars beads will show up in my website Gallery at some point if I decide I enjoy making them, and will be available for order at that time. (I'm flexible, however - if you see something you like in my Etsy shop or on the Superstars page that hasn't yet been added to the gallery, it won't hurt to inquire!) Some will be retired immediately. Please see RETIRED SELECTIONS below for more info.

FINE PRINT: These beads are made by hand. I can't guarantee exact replicas of what you see in the gallery for Made To Order beads. By placing this type of order, you acknowledge that there may be slight differences from the original. They will be made as close to the original as possible, and only my best efforts will be offered to you for sale. I'll send you a photo, and you can take the entire set or leave it - I will not repeatedly remake a bead or set until it finally meets your liking. This eliminates the dreaded non-refundable deposit and helps maintain a somewhat reasonable waiting period. We all benefit here. Thanks for understanding.

Sorry - no truly custom orders, which include custom designs or color combinations not found in my Gallery. Please choose what best suits your tastes in my Gallery.


Please roll your cursor over the titles next to the thumbnails in the Gallery, and if they are RETIRED (no longer available for order) a little image that says so will pop up in the place of the title.

I will retire a set after I have made it a few times, or do not wish to/cannot re-create it. Please read below for specifics about Retired items in the Gallery - some selections are flexible. It won't hurt to ask!

Borosilicate Glass Beads

All borosilicate beads and sets in the Gallery are completely and definitely retired because they can never be duplicated. I don't make borosilicate beads very often. I make them for about a week or two, and then I'm done with them for a while. I work with it about twice a year at this point. Currently, my borosilicate beads (sets and singles) can be found on Etsy or Superstars (but if you have a hankering now, let me know, I might have something available for private sale). Please inquire about availability/pricing.

If you are unsure about the difference between soda lime and borosilicate glass, please click on the pictures in the gallery and read the details next to the pictures, which will say either "borosilicate" or "soda lime" glass. After a few comparisons, you will be able to make the distinction at a glance.

!BLING! Beads

RETIRED BLING SETS IN THE GALLERY: Those sets are retired as they are presented in the gallery because I won't attempt to recreate the !BLING! beads - coldworking isn't something I do often, and even somewhat similar results don't always happen. My !BLING! beads are made like any other bead, at the torch and properly annealed, then applied to a lapidary wheel to create flat, shiny facets and surfaces. You will find the !BLING! beads in Superstars and Etsy listings from time to time. However, if you like the regular lampwork beads included in those sets, you may be able to order them. Feel free to email me with questions and pricing inquiries.


RETIRED SETS IN THE GALLERY THAT INCLUDE BEBEADEDS: Those sets are retired as they are presented in the gallery. I only make Bebeadeds when the mood strikes, and you will see them offered in Superstars and Etsy listings from time to time. However, if you like the regular lampwork beads included in those sets, you may be able to order them. Feel free to email me with questions and pricing inquiries.



Payment will not be accepted until I have completed your beads and sent a picture for your approval. I accept PayPal or Postal Money Order. No Checks. I am not equipped to accept credit cards directly. Your beads will be shipped when I receive payment in full, and I ship promptly. If you're concerned about the shipping status of your order, please feel free to contact me.

If you opt to pay with PayPal, I will notify you and send an invoice when your order is complete. If paying with a Money Order, you can either send it when you place your order, or send it when your order is complete. This is up to you.

Shipping to the US:

$7.50 for USPS Priority Shipping and Delivery Confirmation. $7 is all you'll pay for shipping, no matter how many items you order. Insurance is optional, and additional to the shipping cost, and the insurance charge depends on the total of your order.

USPS Insurance Fees as of 10/6/16:

From $2.65 for $50.01 and up

Payment through Paypal ONLY for international customers - no Checks, Money Orders or Bank Transfers from international buyers, please. I am not equipped to accept credit cards directly.

For most international orders, I ship First Class International. Postage is $10 for the first set and $2 for each additional set. I can't always estimate exact postage, but if what you pay ends up being remarkably higher than what they charge me at the post office, I will refund the difference. If your order is of a considerably high value, we may discuss Express Mail International + insurance as an alternative option to First Class. The postage for this method is around $50.

Any additional fees or taxes you are asked to pay at your local customs office are your responsibility. Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery. Possible refund or replacement of lost parcels can be discussed after 61 days have passed without delivery of your item.

Return/Exchange Policy:

If you want a refund/exchange, contact me within 7 days after you've received your order. Please contact me before shipping the beads back to me, and be sure they are back to me within 21 days after we've made the arrangements for their return. The whole refund thing should be resolved within 28 days after you receive your order.

A refund or exchange will happen after I receive the beads you want to exchange/want a refund for, and only if they are in the same condition they were in when I sent them. This means no chips or serious abrasions from being dropped or stepped on. (Unless the damage is from my technical error and the return has already been agreed upon for this reason). You pay return shipping. When you pack them up for return, I expect they will be wrapped in bubble wrap with padding around them in the box, whether it is newspaper, plastic bags or packing peanuts - whichever you have - as long as it's the same safe way they were sent to you, and the bubble wrapped beads do not move around when you shake the box. Do not just throw the beads in a box and mail them (with no padding or protection whatsoever) , because they are glass and glass can break when treated with such disrespect. Any damage to the beads as a result of blatant carelessness will void your refund/exchange.

Options for refunds/exchanges:

1. REFUND: If you paid with Paypal, I will send it through PayPal, or if you paid with a money order, I'll send you a money order. Either way, the refund will be for the full amount you paid, including shipping.

2. EXCHANGE: will be for an entirely different set, of equal or lesser value. If you want something of greater value, that's fine, just be prepared to pay the difference. You will be refunded the difference for items of lesser value, we'll iron that out if it comes up. How you paid will determine how you're refunded - MO or Paypal. Be prepared to wait for your exchange, since you've essentially placed another order. If the wait time is 2 months, that's how long you'll wait for your exchange. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Did you read everything? Good. HAVE FUN!!!
If you have a question that I did not answer above, please email me!
(z-beads at sbcglobal dot net)